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Saturday, April 22nd, 2006

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Subject:holy peanut butter
Time:11:06 am.

i just wanted to randomly update my livejournal bc i haven't in forever


Sunday, May 16th, 2004

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Subject:so hungover
Time:2:32 pm.
yo wasup

right now i have a really bad hangover. i haven't thrown up yet, but feel like i need to. there is nothing worse than feeling like you have to throw up, but not actually being able to. also i have a headache to join in on the pain. i think i might have thrown up in my sleep lastnight bc my sheets had weird stuff on them in the morning and smelled so now i had to wash them.

so yeah lastnight i got completely wasted and i'm pretty sure everyone else with me did too. i went to liz's room and we played asshole and then flip cup and funneled. it was pretty insane bc i definitely just kept on drinking until i couldn't even comprehend anything. after i left moore, i came back here and was going to the vending machines and saw some kids i know in the lounge eating pizza and chilled with them. apparently i asked them where they got their pizza liek 100 times, bc i kept forgetting i asked them. it was a pretty fun night!

yesterday was my last day of work at red bull with the western mass team b4 i leave to go home for the summer. i'm going to miss the people i work with so much bc i spent so much time with them and they're all really cool people.
i still don't know if i'm working the sshore/southeast/ri team in teh summer yet.
i was talking to my dad yesterday and he asked me to work at my uncle joe's bakery in rosindale bc they need someone they can trust working there while he's out of work. since i guess people tend to steal a lot (haha yes people love to steal from bakeries) and i did work at white's forever so i should know some bakery shit.

so yeah i don't know.
i guess i'm gonan go be hungover still.

Thursday, May 13th, 2004

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Time:8:36 pm.
I can't stand shallow people.

Guess who I'm talking about?

Sunday, March 21st, 2004

(take a hit off my bowl)

Time:12:08 am.
i need to comment on the post i just made

i all ready do have my own little bowl, but it's not like i'm going to be a cheap bastard and smoke it to myself. ok there we go. lata.

Saturday, March 20th, 2004

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Subject:spring break
Time:11:48 pm.
spring break started out on the right foot, but ended in shit.

the first couple days were great! i was smoking with everyone everyday and having a blast.
monday night i began feeling pain in my throat, but ignored it because whenever i'm sick and go to the doctor they tell me it's just a viral infection.
tuesday the pain increased tremendously to the point where i was trying to fall asleep at night, but couldn't bc i was in so much pain that i was crying.
i thought i was possibly allergic to the cat, but that wasn't the case bc allergic reactions tend to be different.
wednesday, the pain got worse and i left the house with my mom to get my haircut. i love getting my haircut bc i go into harvard square and my hairdresser is the best! then i always get to go shopping, but bc i felt like such shit i only went to one store. knowing ME, if i only go to one store in harvard square, there must be something wrong with me!
anyways i had a doctors appointment for later that day, so after that i found out that night that i have Mono. fuckign awesome. i found out that if i caught it from someone it would be from someone from 30-50 days ago(which is time in winter break), so my biggest guess is i caught it from smoking with someone. the only person i know who has had mono is emily so i prob. caught it from her since there isn't really anyone else i could catch it from. after having mono, this is going to make me way more smoke-cautious(yeah right). i need to have my own little bowl to smoke out of, bc getting sick fuckign sucks. also, i just found out tonight that people catch scarlet fever A LOT from bong hits. it's one of the main ways people catch it, so u have to be careful with that bong water.

i am so bored right now. i wanted to go see my friends tonight before they all leave tomorrow, but my mom wouldn't let me leave and was like "why don't they come over here." but when all of them are high or on drugs it would be a bad idea, for them to be like that in front of my family.

aklsdflkasdfj this is so pathetic i haven't left my house since wednesday and i've been living in my pjs. i am so fucking bored and have been sleeping and playing text twist all day. i want to go back to school so badly, but then it would just suck bc people would want to drink and i can't right now.

oh yeah i also got to spend my 19th birthday (on thursday the 18th) sleeping all day. that was funnnnnnnn. then some friends stopped by that night and liz made me cupcakes! thanks liz! krissy got me the new 311 dvd too! thanks krissy! i was really glad my friends stopped by bc i was going nuts in this house.

ok now that i have officially gone insane
i'm going to go

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2004

(take a hit off my bowl)

Time:1:32 pm.
oh yeah......... one more thing
that whole new years resolution to stop frezzing, definitely fell through. hahah

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Time:1:11 pm.
Mood: bored.
yo what's up?!

well since my last update, things are still going really well.
my red bull training weekend was awesome and some girls on the boston team hooked me up with drinks, so that was awesome. my manager, matt, asked me if we were muzzling drinks and i told him "of course not." it's not like he really cares anyways, he just has to pretend to care. tomorrow i have to work with rachel and matt. normally when i work, i can be lazy and slack off, but since my manager matt will be there it means i actually have to do work! aflkdjlkdafs hahaha. my job is so easy, i love it. the only annoying part about it is always having to act energized the whole time and interested in what everyone says. it's also SO annoying when you go to college campuses and every college student replies with "you know what this is good with? jeger/vodka!" or they ask you if you have any vodka or jeger. however, it's amusing when 50 year olds say that.

school has been going pretty well too. i've kinda been slacking, but i've done most of my studying, so i'm not doing bad or anything.

today i think kraig and i are going to get a fold out table for beer pong! then i think i'm going to the packie store to get an unlimited supply of beer.

so i've been talking to liz a lot lately about shrooms and i think i do want to try them. i've also discussed them with 2 guys i work with and they had nothing but good things to say about them, so i think the time has come to do them. i just have to do them w/people i'm close with/like. i know i will probably freak out if i'm around anyone i don't like.

the weather has been getting better, which is awesome. i've been in the need of a concert lately. i really want 311 to come back bc they're so awesome and put on a great live show. i love seeing them outdoors in the summertime! :)

Tuesday, January 20th, 2004

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Time:12:44 am.
Mood: excited.
well life has been good lately!

i got a job with red bull energy drink. the headquarters is in north hampton (a town right next to amherst). it's a sick job, so i'm excited about that.

this is probably the first competitive thing in my life i've tried to get, and gotten it. that's why i'm so happy. i usually never get what i want, so this is exciting.

in other news... basically everyone is back at school except us remaining umass people. i just want to go back to school this sunday and party!!!!!

i have red bull training this weekend in boston. it's fri-sun, but they said since i have to go back to school on sunday i can leave at 10 pm on sat or early sunday morning. it's mad cool bc we get to stay at a hotel for free with everything paid for! i heard there is partying too and a lot of fun people to meet, so that should be fun. i don't know what type of partying it is though. since i'm 18, i will probably have to be sober, but a lot of the other people that have this job are 21+.

ok well i'm gg for now. lata.

Friday, January 9th, 2004

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Subject:Don't Let Me Down...
Time:2:51 am.
tonight was really fun.

i was thinking about how it would be funny if someone was like
"my bed is calling my name"
and then someone replied with
"what's it saying?"
actually that isn't really funny anymore, but it was when it was in my head when i was just thinking that.

"what if i had a mustard drenched cucumber tied to my leg
and i didn't want my pants to get dirty
i forgot to remember...."-incubus

Monday, January 5th, 2004

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Time:11:48 pm.
well tonight i stayed in bc i'm working 7-1 tomorrow morning and need to go to bed at a decent time.

so i'm getting over this cold which is good!

new years was pretty fucking awesome. even though i was sick, i ended up getting so shitfaced that i didn't even know i was sick anymore. ended up passing out around 4 am.
the next day my parents were suspicious that i had people over because they found a chip on the table and scuff marks/some stickyness on the kitchen floor. i guess someone spilled a drink and failed to tell me. i denied anything happening. however, i did find a hole in my kitchen wall. i put a chair in front of it to hide it, but i know my parents will discover it eventually. i will be screwed when that happens. i also had to go around the house and the street picking up some extra stuff.

i go back to school around the 25th... i haven't gotten my grades yet, but i can't wait until i do.

anyways i've been doing good w/out frezzing. i'm not even tempted to do it anymore. when other people are high, it doesn't bug me, it's usually amusing.

basically everything has been going really well.

Passin' the kind buds.
Kickin' back in the sand in the sun.
To be alive is lovin'.
Where the shore meets the seam.
Man I'm hummin' I'm hummin

I'm free as I stare at the sea.
And I'm not comin' down.
The world is yours once you have found.
The good is to share.
Which is elsewhere.-311

ok lata.

Tuesday, December 30th, 2003

(take a hit off my bowl)

Subject:the worst
Time:11:31 pm.
ok i'm sick again.
this time it's a cold type thing and i stayed in lastnight to get rest, thinking i'd be better the next day. but NO. i'm not better, i'm just worse. so i stay in tonight to get more rest bc i have to work new years eve day and want to party new years eve night.
i have a feeling i won't be better tomorrow and will have to slave away at white's.
i really don't feel like getting all new years up and having cameras flashing in my face and getting drunk. i just want to crawl in a ball, sit in scrub clothes, and drink gatorade.
if i feel better tomorrow, i will definitely be in the mood to drink.

my new years resolution=to stop frezzing...i all ready got rid of doing it everyday. now i have to get it down to like 3 times a week to 2 times a week to once a week to once every 2 weeks to once a month to barely ever to never again. it really needs to end. anyways. that's all for now. later.

Tuesday, December 16th, 2003

(take a hit off my bowl)

Subject:this song started as a rant against haters, but that'd be giving in to the instigators...
Time:1:33 am.
Mood: bored.
hey what's goin on?
today was semi-productive.
i had to walk all around campus again today to drop off insurance shit at health services and then go to the library to return books.
then i did an english paper and then did my econ project. HOW EVENTFUL. yeah today was pretty lame, but whatever. i definitely did my whole economics project wrong, but i don't even care anymore. i have my cmp sci final wed and my math one on saturday. i'm going to fail my math final. i guarantee the highest i'll get is a 50% (i'm being generous here). oh well.

nsroofstar: o yeah do u have any suggestion xmas gifst i should get u?
Realwluv01: hm
Realwluv01: haha can i tell u tomorow
Realwluv01: im kind of grilled right now
Realwluv01: actually im extremely high
nsroofstar: HHAHA
nsroofstar: ok
Realwluv01: haha thanx
nsroofstar: haha
Realwluv01: there is a cd that i want, but i can't comprehend the name now haha

hahahhaha lata.

Monday, December 15th, 2003

(2 hits | take a hit off my bowl)

Time:1:52 am.
I was just looking at the Update your Journal page and it's really boring. It's a very plain white and makes me sad. What kind of writing material is this? Has lj always been this white? Am I just noticing this now?

It's been snowing here at UMass practically all day. It's suppose to snow tomorrow too. I hope none of my finals on wed or sat are cancelled. Especially my sat one. If my sat final was cancelled, I would have to stay until the 22nd and that would suck bc no1 would be here.
ohhhhhh yeah ok nothing good to say, see you guys reall soon!

Thursday, December 4th, 2003

(take a hit off my bowl)

Time:1:55 pm.
Mood: accomplished.
I just updated my lj and made it so pretty! I feel so accomplished/proud. hahah I'm a loser. I know. I guess my Computer Science class paid off in one way!

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2003

(take a hit off my bowl)

Time:11:30 pm.
hey whatsup!
oh man this is so awesome i'm listening to the self entitled 311 cd right now and i'm so content.
i am a little stuffed though bc i just had a bunch of cinnamon toast crunch.

(3 hits | take a hit off my bowl)

Subject:An anxiety attack is about to happen...
Time:1:24 am.
I know everyone has a shitload of work to do along with myself and I think I'm going to go insane. I can't eat, I can't sleep, I can't stop thinking about it. Actually this isn't true. I just can't sleep. I can sure as hell still eat and find anything to distract myself from doing work. Eating is a good activity to distract myself from studying too. That or drinking. No more smokign for me until Dec. 21. I need to keep my brain clear for finals. I have to do
-An Anthro. Project
-An Anthro. Final Paper
-A research paper in English (basically like a WAC) with only 2 weeks to do it
-Math test on monday (maybe I can beat my stellar average of 40%)
-Math final I will probably fill along with the test
-CMPSCI final I will definitely fail
-Then the ECON problem set

This sucks. Everyone is piled high in work. I can't wait until break so all this final projects/tests are overwith. The only thing that sucks about break is that I'm going to be going back to working. Probably at White's if they'll take me. Hopefully they have room for me.

Ok this is yet again a boring lj entry, but whatever.

Oh no. I have bad news. My mom told me that supposedly cats are allergic to xmas trees or something, so we might have to buy a fake one!:(
i'm so sad, but skittles health is more important than a real tree.

yup i need to fall asleep. lata

Tuesday, November 18th, 2003

(take a hit off my bowl)

Subject:i need to invest in ny quil
Time:2:45 am.
yo whatsup. i can't fall asleep (like usual) so i'm here updating my lj. well my roommate is really cool and all, but i can never fall asleep at night bc she snores so loudly. tonight jessie and i had no frez, so we took the REZ OF THE FREZ and it was ok for a while. then i bought some chips and found out i have 0.17 left on my UCard. that's 17 cents. holy shit. anyways you know how when you're drunk and see a person wearing a 311 shirt and harass them? WELL YEAH that's what i did a couple weeks ago, adn boy what a mistake. 311 fans are suppose to be cool laid back stoners. this kid definitely isn't. he is so pathetic and tries to get ANY girl to come to his room. and yes i mean ANY girl. and he fails at all times. that is how much of a loser he is.
bc i was harassing him about 311 and asking him if he wanted to smoke a bowl and he was like "can i sleep in your bed tonight" an di was like um no fuck you ugly scrub. just because i like 311 and am harasing you about a 311 shirt, does NOT make you desirable in any sexual way. you're not nick hexum, fag. so yeah. when the kid harassed me online i told him "you're a fag." so he luckily stopped harassing me. then he started to try to hit on my roommate hahaha. college boys are so lame.(well especially freshmen boys)
anyways i was in a really bad mood today for a number reasons which i won't complain about...OH YEAH
i didn't write about the

311 CONCERT ON WED 11/12/03. I saw Tim Mahoney from 5 feet distance. Janine and I met SA and got a picture with him! 311 didn't play jackolantern's weather though. oh:( oh well TH ECONCERT WAS SO awesome. I had so much fun. I love 311 concerts because they're always fun and put so much energy into their shows. 311 never gets too fucked up before a show(atleast that i've seen). aka bands like the deftones and incubus that are on fucking crack and suck ass live. actually i haven't seen the deftones live, but have heard from a ton of people that they are pretty bad live bc they get so wrecked. i do knwo that incubus use to be good live, but now they're horrible and you can tell it is drugs. anyways yeah back to 311 being awesome!:)
"you need a live show like a ball player needs a dunk"

Tuesday, November 11th, 2003

(take a hit off my bowl)

Time:4:50 am.
yo wasup. my computer feels like it's on fire. i can't sleep at all anymore. there are aweird noises cominig from outside and i am freaked out. holy shit i want the sun to oc me up.

Monday, October 27th, 2003

(take a hit off my bowl)

Subject:mid terms suck
Time:7:44 am.
hey what's goin on? you might ask why i'm updating my journal so early in the morning because normall i'm never awake at this time. well the answer is that i stayed up until 6:30 AM workign on an anthropology mid term paper that is due today. then after i finished i knew if i went to bed i'd never wakeup for my classes and miss handing in my paper soo i decided to shower and stay up...yeah. so anwyays wahts new nothing.
i'm so proud of myself i went the weekend without drinking. haha i didn't go without frezzing though but oh man saturday nighti got so fucking frezzed bc i hadn't smoked in over a week so i was still stoned hwen i woke up sunday morning. i had the best sleep too.
i'm so excited my roommate and i got new decorations for the room.
i also bought a billy madison poster online! i have to get a 311 poster, but i'm waiting to see if they have any cool ones at the concert, b4 i order the other one online.
hmm yeah so i guess that's it.
i hope i passed my computer science mid term.
and i hope i get atleast a c+ on my anthro paper bc something tells me i'm going to get teh worst grade ever bc my teacher is german and odesn't understand things in english. whenever we say things in english he is like "no let me tell u what it means" then he basically just says what we jsut said, but in a different word of english and we're like PLEASE GIVE US A TEACHER THAT IS FULLY ENGLISH. i don't knwo the guy is nice, but oh man he can be annoying and shit.
i really don't feel like going to my 9:05 econ class bc i'm not awake at all and he will probably harass me and be like WANT A CHOCOLATE. and i'll be like actually i ate a million lastnight while doing my mid term paper and can't even eat another one. right now i'm in that stage where you haven't slept forever so your jsut giddy
oh man
i think i might go blowdry my hair or make use of me being up early! okay lata!!;)
p.s. since i realized that i have gained about 20 pounds since sophomore year of high school and grew like a few inches that i am gonig to be a fat shit for halloween...actually not really just
nick H-E-X-U-M hahahha with other 311 membas aiiiiiiiiiiight lata

Monday, October 6th, 2003

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Time:12:04 am.
well lastnight i experienced my first UMass riot!
it was INSANE. supposedly there have been worse ones though...haha.

tonight when jess and i were on the way to the library it was freezing out and she was trying to convince me to take a cigg to smoke bc she was like "it will warm you up." i refused to have one though bc i was like "no i only smoke ciggs if i'm wicked shitfaced." of course my ra is walking right by me when i say that and just laughs. i'm like ahhaha I'M A RETARD. it doesn't really matter though bc my ra is on crack and doesn't even know i live on his floor. hahah oh man he definitely was shitfaced lastnight during the riot! hsahahahahah

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